Michael Dade

Michael Dade

Michael Dade is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who is an entrepreneur that loves good food, wine and traveling. After attending college at Georgetown University on a full academic scholarship, Michael entered a career as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. During this time, he also managed to develop multiple businesses. However, real estate was always a dream that he couldn't ignore. After investing in properties in Las Vegas and the Bay Area, Michael decided to take the knowledge he gained through these purchases and follow his passion for real estate by pursuing a career as an agent. 

Michael's experience in Nursing has helped him to develop interpersonal communication skills, an understanding of the needs of others and impeccable attention to detail. Additionally, his entrepreneur background underscores the importance of business and legal theory in real estate. He brings these very important attributes and knowledge into his real estate career to assist his clients in their endeavors. 

Michael has enjoyed traveling the world with his family. With these travels, he has come to appreciate the Bay Area for its beauty, diversity, and accessibility to an array of distinct landscapes. That is why he is happy to continue to call the Bay Area home. He grew up in the East Bay and wants his own children to have the same unique experiences that are only offered by living in Northern California.

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